The Trial


  This is where it all starts...

  How exiting is it to create your hairstyle for the big day ?

It’s one of the big step in your wedding planning !  

  A trial is a lovely moment of around 2 hours starting with a nice chat together about all your dreams for your wedding . The theme, your dress, your personal style, ideas of accessories…anything is good to know when it's about designing the bespoke look for you.

 For peace of mind and no stress on your wedding day.


   Before we meet ...


Get inspired :

  There is so much inspiration online for your bridal look and wedding planning in general. 

I find Pinterest is a good resource and I'm happy to help you with some mood boards if needed :



  Please feel free to save all the images that you like. Even if you think it won’t suit you or your hair type. It’s always adjustable for you.

This is the role of a specialist after all, isn't it?


  All of these images are great tools to give me a ‘feel’ of the look you’re going for.

  Knowing what you don’t like is also as helpful.


 Having short hair ? Don’t worry . you might not have to grow your hair for an age to create your dream wedding hairstyle . you’ll be surprised at what your hair can do! So many lovely styles are possibles. And If needed, hair extensions will do their magic .



     Get ready : 

  1 : Washing your hair the night before is always better when your hair is going up.

Blowdry as normal without any products (including deep or leave-in-conditioner ) .

This allows me to work from a blank canvas without a build up of products.

  2: It’s important not to be influenced by your everyday clothes or makeup , especially if it is much different from the look you have selected for your wedding .

 This is why it's adviced to wear something plain and pattern free. Ideally ,select a top that has a similar neckline to your dress if you have, as you’ll get a better picture of your look on your wedding day.

  A Makeup up close to your wedding look would be ideal.


  3: Feel free to bring any accessories you might want in your hair for the trial.

On request, I can bring some in order to find the perfect overall look.


  Bride and Bridal Party Trial Day :


  If you decide to bring someone to share your experience, drinking bubbly and bonding with your bridal party whilst getting each others opinions can make for a very special day.

  A girly pampering time !


  However make sure you are surrounded by people who respect your style and personality as well as sharing the same vision of your wedding day in order to avoid any confusion for your final decision.



      We got the perfect look !


  I will take some photographs and notes during and after the trial as references for styling your hair on the day of your wedding.  A timetable will also be worked out for the big day so you can be confident that everybody will be ready on time, making sure the wedding morning is stress free and enjoyable...

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